Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia

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James Bindoff, CEO of Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia, started his business as a means to support his hobby & passion for exotic animals. With several small businesses already under his belt, James had big plans for ARSA. It would become the lifestyle business of his dreams.

Before long, that small business was growing—and it grew fast. Really fast. A brand was emerging, as brands do, but ARSA needed something to match its ambition: a brand for the future. They needed a strategy & a branding agency ready to support them every step of the way. That’s where we came in!

CosyCan Maintenance

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Stephen Cosentino, known to many as Cosy, had a crazy idea: he was going to start a business that would give him the freedom to live life to the fullest—to live it his way, on his terms! The thing is, we here at Flying Fox_ don’t think that’s so crazy.

Cosy came to us with his idea. He was skilled, passionate & keen to jump in. All he needed was a little guidance & clarity to get things started. He wanted to provide high-end lawn maintenance in a no-need-to-worry-we-got-this-covered kind of way. And so that’s what he did.

Living My Authentic Self

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Living My Authentic Self (LMAS) arose from Anne’s desire to bring others out of their dark spaces—to help people challenge past behavioural patterns, find hope & discover real happiness.

For Anne Vitocco, a journey of self-actualisation & transformation ignited her passion for helping improve the lives of others. Realising her true calling as a life coach, Anne reached out to Flying Fox_ for the support & guidance she needed to get things started.