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A successful business is built
on strong foundations.

Stop guessing where to focus your energy
& start developing SMART strategies
for real business results.

Gain Clarity. Gain Direction. Gain Confidence.


Working together, we focus on the 3 key foundations of a successful business.
Your Business Strategy, your Brand Strategy, and your Marketing Strategy.

We guide you through a holistic approach that gives you optimal clarity and direction. 
You’ll set SMART goals that drive growth in the 3 essential areas of your business; generating revenue, increasing awareness & optimising efficiency. 

We will teach you the skills needed to make educated decisions that edge you closer towards your goals, now and in the future.

Feel confident and in control. You’re ready to make the jump! 
You are a FOX_


The strategy workshop is an in-depth 2 day intensive with Ell, your strategy expert, that will leave you feeling inspired, confident & ready to get your business off to a flying start.

Delivered in-person at a location near you, or via video conference, we work collaboratively through a series of activities specifically designed to set your business up for success.

On completion of the workshop, we compile all our discoveries into your 3 core strategy documents. You’ll receive both digital & print copies including information on how to implement these strategies and what to focus on next in your business.

You’ll have everything you need to setup and run your business on your terms.

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Think of your strategy documents as your cheat-sheets to a successful business. The blueprints for WHAT you do, WHO you do it for, WHERE your heading and HOW your going to get there. Everything you need to write your own business story.

With the added bonus of becoming a life-long FOX_, you’ll have the ongoing support & guidance of the Flying Fox_ team at your disposal, for life!
Why? Because we like you, and when you succeed, we succeed!


  • You have a business idea but aren’t sure how to get things started
  • You have a new business & are wanting some guidance & direction on what to do next
  • You want to turn your existing small business into a business that supports your lifestyle
  • You feel lost & overwhelmed with where to focus your energy
  • You aren’t sure how to market your business services or connect with the right audience
  • You don’t have a clear brand presence in the market (including the look, personality, & voice)
  • You aren’t clear on how to increase your revenue &  awareness in the market
This workshop is for you. 

For Small Business owners feeling lost & overwhelmed, struggling to sell their services effectively…

This is for you!


Personalised Strategies

We work with you to develop strategies for your individual business.

No two businesses are the same; their strategies shouldn't be either.

Clarity, Direction & Confidence

Develop a clear vision for the future of your business. Set SMART goals & develop strategies to achieve them.

Core Values

Gain a clear understanding of your core values & purpose to future-proof your business.

Understand Your Market

Gain an in-depth understanding of your market, your competition, & your advantages.

Killer Positioning

Establish the best brand position for your business & understand how this will impact your perception in the market.

Plans For Growth

Plan for growth by focusing on the 3 key areas of your business & prioritise the focus of your energy.

Develop the skills to revise & refine areas of your business, to adapt to changing markets in the future.

A Fox For Life

Be a part of the FlyingFox_ community, forever.

With follow ups & check-ins we provide continued help, guidance, & support. We want to see you succeed & smash those goals time & time again.

Know Your Customers

Understand who your ideal audience is, what they value, where they are,
& how to reach them.

You’ll know them so well, it'll feel like you're already friends!

Define Your Brand

Know ‘who’ your business needs to be; know its personality, its vibe, & most importantly, its voice!

Leave with a Brand Voice Guidebook that makes writing 'your' copy a piece of cake.

Complete Transparency

Receive all the notes, exercises & data from the workshop, Including:

> Your business plan

> Your brand strategy document, for managing your brand persona, voice & perception

> Your marketing plan, with prioritised goals & actionable tasks to get you started


The process was smooth and simple. Ell made it easy for me to understand, which made things a lot less stressful.

Stephen Cosentino
Owner  |  CosyCan Maintenance 





Connect with your audience.

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Nail your online presence.


Get your message heard.

Connect with your audience.

Nail your online presence.

Get your message heard.